24 Dogs Who Want To Be Your Valentine! [PICTURES]

    February is here, and of course that means Valentine’s Day is on our minds! Whether you go out or stay in, make sure you give your dog a big old hug and kiss. Take a look at these pooches who just want to be your Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    by DogTime
    February 14th

    Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe This Valentine’s Day

    Nobody wants to spend Valentine’s Day at the emergency vet. So make sure the love of your life–your furry friend–stays out of harm’s way. Here are a few ways to keep your pet safe on Valentine’s Day.

    by DogTime
    February 14th

    National Dress Up Your Pet Day: Should I Put A Costume On My Dog?

    January 14th is Dress Up Your Pet Day, and you may be thinking about dressing your pup up in a cute bow tie or a sweater. But before you dress your dog up, step back and think about your pet. Here’s a quick guide to see if it’s right for your dog and tips for how to celebrate in a safe way.

    by DogTime
    January 6th

    10 Top Rated Classic Dog Training Books

    Dogs don’t come with instruction manuals, but the best dog training books from famous trainers and authors can certainly help you figure out how to teach and bond with your pup. Here are ten of the best, top rated classic dog training books that can help you train your dog.

    by DogTime
    January 6th

    New Year’s Resolutions For Your Pet: Stick To A Healthy Diet

    This year, make realistic New Year’s resolutions for yourself and commit to a healthy lifestyle modification plan for your pet. Start feeding your pet in a manner that promotes weight loss or maintenance of a health body weight. Obesity is clearly an epidemic in both people and pets.

    by DogTime
    December 31st

    Adopt A Pet Dog Or Puppy: What You Need To Know

    It’s very exciting to adopt a new dog or puppy, but before you rush into this life changing decision, you should ask yourself a few questions to make sure that you’re prepared, that your family and home are ready, and that you’re picking the right dog and shelter or rescue group.

    by DogTime
    December 27th

    30 Of The Cutest Christmas Puppies On Earth [PICTURES]

    Do you love Christmas and puppies? I mean, who doesn’t? Cuteness and the cheer of the holiday season go together like hot cocoa and marshmallows! Sit back, relax and get in the holiday spirit with the cutest Christmas puppies you’re going to see this season!

    by DogTime
    December 24th

    26 Adorable Dogs Warming Themselves By The Fire [PICTURES]

    One of the best ways to fight the chill on a cold winter’s night is with a blazing fire. Humans aren’t the only ones who really enjoy a warm and cozy cuddle by the fireplace. Our dogs love it, too! Check out these pooches staying warm in winter!

    by DogTime
    December 19th

    Dear Labby: Smelly Dog–Or Insensitive Family?

    I recently took my ten-year-old Poodle to my parents’ house for Christmas. Thanks to old age, he has liver problems, stinky breath, and dermatitis. As you can imagine, Gerard is a pretty smelly dog. I really don’t want to leave him with a boarder. What should I do?

    by DogTime
    December 18th

    Chag Sameach! 20 Adorable Hanukkah Dogs [PICTURES]

    Chag Sameach! Hanukkah is a special celebration to share with friends, community, and family. With that in mind, of course we want to include our furry family members in the festivities. Check out these cute Hanukkah dogs!

    by DogTime
    December 2nd

    Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Dog Lovers

    The family feast can be a lot of fun for everyone, but it can also be dangerous for our dogs. That’s why it’s so important to remind ourselves of some basic Thanksgiving safety tips to protect our furry family members. Here are a few helpful bits of advice for keeping dogs safe on Thanksgiving.

    by DogTime
    November 28th

    How Can You Save Your Lawn From Your Dog’s Pee?

    One downside of dog ownership is the damage your pup’s urine can do to your backyard. Dead, brown spots polka-dotting your outdoor living space are unsightly. But what are the right solutions for this common canine conundrum? Try some of these proven strategies.

    by Sheri Wallace
    October 9th
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